2015 Ontario High School Squash Championships

2015 Winner: Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute 

2015 High School Champs

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Jesters Contribution

Over the past number of High School Championships, one of the main issues/concerns expressed by some schools is the cost associated with transportation to the event for their participants. Through the generosity of The Jesters Club of Ontario, Squash Ontario is fortunate to be in a position to assist with some costs associated with travel to the 2015 Ontario High Schools Championships.

Squash Ontario will provide a subsidy to schools bringing a minimum of 10 students in a bus travelling more than 50 km. Also, a mileage subsidy will be provided to schools bringing a minimum of 4 students in a car or van travelling more than 50 km.


2015 Ontario High School Event Details

2015 Highschool Flyer

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