Event details

From December 13, 2017 09:00AM

Date: Wednesday December 13th
Venue: The Toronto Cricket Club

Time: 9:00 – SANTAPALOOZA Calcutta Doubles Squash Tournament
AGM: 11:30 – To be held in the gallery of the upper doubles squash court
Lunch: 12:30 – Lunch buffet in the main dining room.
Cost: – $50.00 dollars payable to the Ontario Jesters



Registration – Opens at 8:30
Entry Fee – $20 per player-all proceeds to the Jester’s Junior Excellence Bursary

Format – 2 draws!!! All players are guaranteed three matches

The Reindeer Draw – no handicaps, one game to 21.
The Santa Clause Draw – teams are handicapped, one game to 21.


Anyone can bet on as many teams as they like. Minimum bet is $5/team.
There will be 2 Calcutta pools. One for each draw.
65% of proceeds go to the folks who picked the winning team. 25% to the folks who picked the finalist team.(10% for expenses)
Bets are open to anyone who plays or attends the AGM.
All bets must be made prior to game time either in person or via email.
Please submit a list of teams you wish to bet on and how much directly to Lolly Gillen (lollyg@rogers.com)
$$$ CASH ONLY $$$